All the Things You are NOT

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We humans have built a wall of lies so high that we can’t even see over the top. We live each day with our heads filled with falsehoods and misconceptions. Don’t worry, though. Living in a non-reality is not really a bad thing, considering that I’m about to tell you the truth about how useless and irrelevant you are. So, if you really are useless and irrelevant (which you are), then living in a fairy tale isn’t much of a crime, now is it?

Let’s get to it. Here are all of the things that you are NOT.

You are not unique.

How in the world did we ever get the idea that, as individuals, we are truly one of a kind? With seven billion people on the planet, if you (and I) were gems our value would be around a penny a piece. Are you going to school? Then count yourself as one of a billion-or-so students. Do you have a penis, or breasts and a vagina, well that would only make you one in about 3.5 billion. Are you pregnant? Did you know that about 385,000 babies are born each day? Nothing unique about that. So, while people are telling you that you are unique, there are billions of people thinking, feeling, loving, hating, struggling…just like you. Me telling you that you are not unique is not an insult — it just is what it is. Nobody is unique.

You are not special.

Okay, there are some special people in the world. The guy that came up with E=MC². The woman that discovered radium. Even Samuel J. Porcello is special; without him we wouldn’t have Oreo cookies.

So, what have you invented? Discovered? Achieved? Don’t sweat it if you haven’t accomplished anything. I haven’t either. And, neither have most of the hundred-billion people that have come and gone before us.

Your body is not your temple.

Okay, starting from the top down, our hair gets oily. We get huge pimples on our scalp, as well as the ones on our face, back, butt, and other parts of the body. We grow ear wax, collect gunk in our eyes, snot in our nose, and cough up thick phlegm. We sneeze, burp and have rotten breath. Our arm pits sweat and stink. We fart, shit, and piss, with the women bleeding and the men oozing fluids from their nether regions. Our feet can also stink.

Temple? Our bodies are disgusting!

You do not have a higher purpose.

What purpose would that be? If we are supposed to be caretakers of the Earth, um, when will we start because what we’re doing resembles more of a deadly virus than caretakers. We pollute the land, air, and water. We’re cutting down whole forests to make more room for us. We’re driving other species into extinction. Does this sound like a higher purpose to you? If we have a purpose, the evidence shows that that purpose is to destroy everything we touch.

We are not beings of spiritual light made into flesh.

What does that mean, exactly? If we are made of spiritual light then why can’t we remember any part of that existence before we took on these bacteria and disease ridden bodies? If that higher state of being is so great then why did we leave it? We are stuck in a world of natural violence (everything killing and eating everything else), in a world where the soil is made of 3.5 billion years of dead vegetation, blood, rotting animals, and animal poop. If we were once beings of light then we had to have escaped that state out of desperation; so that realm had to have been even worse this one. For no being of light, in his right mind, would want to live on this disgusting planet, in these pathetic bodies.

What you ARE.

Rub your stocking feet on a carpet, then touch some metal. Did you see that spark? That’s you. You are a speck of energy that will quickly blink out and be completely forgotten. It will be like you never even existed. So, while you’re here you might as well enjoy this moment in existence before you go back into non-existence again. Don’t even think about suicide because you’re going to die anyway; living 80 to 100 years is nothing. Just do your time as best you can.

Two thousand years ago there was religion, government, war, crime, disease, hate, racism, greed, suffering, and a lot of ignorant people. Today there is religion, government, war, crime, disease, hate, racism, greed, suffering, and a lot of ignorant people. Nothing has changed. You won’t change anything. The best we can do is pretend that we are worthwhile (which we aren’t), and that everything will eventually get better (which it won’t). But, at least know the truth, that you, and everyone else on the planet, is utterly useless.

Laugh. Love. Try to get along with those going through this meaningless existence at the same time as you, but do so with the understanding that it is all for nothing.

Life — it is what it is.

By Jiggerj

While observing 60+ years of atrocities within a world-gone-mad, I had to ask myself these questions, "What in thee hell is going on? What are we doing, and why are we doing it?" I've come up with many answers (at least for me), that I'd like to share with you. I have stripped this life down to the bare bones and found that we're pretty much living in Alice's Wonderland.

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