It’s a Wonderful World (Part 2)

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Imagine if humans started out in a real paradise. No sickness. No hunger. No boredom. Just a perfect world. Tell me, what would give them any reason or inspiration to achieve? To invent? They already have everything they need, so what would compel them to learn anything? To strive for something better? They wouldn’t. The following is not a matter of assigning right or wrong or good or bad to our own world; it’s just a matter of ‘it is what it is’. For, like it or not, paradise is not the world we live in. Far from it. So, what are the virtues that rule this world?

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Greed is what drives our economy. It’s what generates jobs that pay for your homes and cars and cell phones. Greed puts food on your table and shoes on your feet. Without greed we would have none of the luxuries we enjoy today. Isn’t it funny how greed is so maligned, yet without it we would have nothing.

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Brutal ambition and competition

Companies look to destroy each other as they compete for a bigger share of the profits. This drives companies to make their products better, faster, and cheaper. Better for us, the consumer.

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Crime is ugly. And yet, it is probably the biggest contributor to every economy in the world. Just imagine what would happen if everyone on planet suddenly became law-abiding citizens? Perhaps billions of people would be out of a job. There’s law-enforcement, the legal system, prison system, counseling for rehabilitation and for the victims. Again, it’s ugly, but it is what it is.

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Another big economic contributor is disease. From throat lozenges to cough medicines, the common cold alone is a multi-million dollar a year industry. Add that to cancer research and treatments, doctor visits, hospitals, pharmaceuticals… What a huge job loss it would be if suddenly everyone stopped getting sick.

I know that your initial response to this article is one of utter disgust, but subconsciously you agree with it. You want proof? When is the last time you watched a movie of a perfect family doing perfect things with no strife or struggles to overcome? Talk about boring! You actually WANT to see pain. You WANT to be frightened. You WANT the good guy to kick some ass and win the girl back (and for the good guy to win, there has to be bad guys). Why do you want to see these things? Because without grief and trials and tribulations to overcome, this life would be an intolerable paradise.

Talk about Alice in Wonderland — in our world, sometimes good is bad and bad is really REALLY good.

By Jiggerj

While observing 60+ years of atrocities within a world-gone-mad, I had to ask myself these questions, "What in thee hell is going on? What are we doing, and why are we doing it?" I've come up with many answers (at least for me), that I'd like to share with you. I have stripped this life down to the bare bones and found that we're pretty much living in Alice's Wonderland.

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