Five Observations On How This Life Is Irrelevant

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1. Monotonous Repetition

Five thousand years ago there was government corruption, war, rape, child abuse, disease, addiction, insanity, poverty, racism… The rich got richer. People worked to survive. They believed in gods, and that the gods gave them a purpose.

Now you can repeat the above line for four thousand years ago, two thousand years ago, one thousand, and even today.

In at least five thousand years not a damn thing has changed. We are merely actors playing the same roles as those in the last generation. Each generation is a repeat of the previous one; the only difference being that each generation is given more sophisticated toys to play with. We traded in our spears for arrows, then muskets, which turned into high-powered rifles, canons, and nuclear missiles. And yet, we humans haven’t changed one bit. We are still causing war, terrorism, crime, hatred, and greed. When you exit this stage someone else will take over your role. You and I (along with the seven billion other performers) aren’t doing anything special or unique.

And if humans exist five thousand years from now there will be government corruption, war, rape, child abuse, disease, addiction, insanity, poverty, racism… The rich will get richer. People will work to survive. They will believe in gods, and that the gods will give them a purpose.

2. Evolution

The one thing people really don’t understand is evolution. Evolution doesn’t have a direction, and it doesn’t stop. It’s like a random wave that continuously rolls through each species, changing them according to their need and their environment. Our presence as homo sapiens on this planet is due to random mutations and changes in habitat. We weren’t planned, and that random wave is always with us. We are still changing. Have a look at the images of the people below. If they look different now, just imagine how different their descendants might look from each other a few million years from now (if we survive that long). There are no guarantees that we will even remain human, or intelligent, for that matter. Whatever you are right now, however important you think you are, is irrelevant. We are just creatures of this Earth and we will always be subject to the whims of its ever-changing climate and ecological system. So, whether we blow ourselves up, go extinct, or evolve into some other kind of animal, we’re just passing through, folks.

3. Wasting Our Brains

Of a pot shop, a book store, and a liquor store, which one do you think has the best chance of going out of business? Of course, the book store. Why are we so determined to mentally shut down and focus on those things that do nothing to improve our intellectual state of being? How can life be that boring when there’s a whole universe of knowledge and mysteries to explore? What is the point of living if not to expand our minds? Drugs, booze, playing mindless video games, and covering ourselves in ugly green ink is a total waste of our brains and our lives.

4. Holiday Madness

Maybe the holidays made sense when they first came into being, but they’ve definitely gone off the rails since then. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s for cultural, or religious reasons (or whatever), the one thing we never question is the phrase that goes with these holidays: “It’s the season for giving.”

Giving? When you sit around the table with family while enjoying your feast fit for a king (a feast you could enjoy almost every day of the year), did you remember to donate anything to the local food pantry to help the poor? Oh yes, why just last year we donated a can of carrots. Well, how wonderful of you (yes, that’s sarcasm)!

When doing your Christmas shopping if you buy gifts for YOUR wife, YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR dog…this isn’t giving. And though it’s good for the economy, it’s definitely not the intent behind “It’s the season for giving.” Especially when you come out of a store after spending a thousand dollars on gifts for your loved ones, and you are so overwhelmed with the Christmas spirit that you drop all of your loose change into the Bell Ringer’s little red kettle. How generous of you! Maybe the phrase should be changed to “It’s the season for sheer and utter selfishness.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 WOOHOO! The Earth went around the sun for 365 days! Um, as was pointed out earlier, not a thing has changed in 2,000 years. So, what’s so great about New Year’s? Also, you do realize that the Earth has orbited the sun approximately 4.5 billion times, right? Nothing about this holiday makes sense.

And how about Halloween? You know, the one day we give out candy to the kids because it’s just so darn hard for them to make it to the local convenience store on the other 364 days of the year. It’s pure foolishness.

5. SPOILER ALERT! Everybody dies

It is estimated that a hundred billion people have come and gone before us. And of those, only a handful have made it into the history books. So, think about it, if you gave birth to children then, yes, your bloodline will move forward. Unfortunately, you will not. There are seven billion people on the planet right now. In less than 150 years after the day you die, all seven billion will be gone. And that includes the babies being born on the day you kick the bucket, as well as your own kids. There will literally be no one alive at that time that have ever met you. All of your struggles and joys and adventures will be completely forgotten. It will be as if you never even existed. Knowing this, think about all the arguments and moments of sadness you will experience for nothing. Hopefully, knowing that your name won’t even come up in a dinner conversation will make your big problems seem a lot smaller from now on, and your small problems won’t be worth the shed of even a single tear. Don’t take this life too seriously, because we all end up in a place like the picture below – dead, gone, and forgotten.