This is my favorite line because it’s true: “Odd as it may seem, as I searched for the bizarre I discovered that I wasn’t going down the rabbit hole; I was climbing out of it.” We are living IN the rabbit hole and I’ve been trying to climb out of it for a while now. No need for too many words, the images alone should offer all the evidence needed to show the crazy world we’ve made for ourselves.

Meet Our Nuclear Family

Our Religion of Peace

There’s a lot of strange religions and rituals down the rabbit hole

How children are raised in Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole is where the men are men and the women are…men?

In Wonderland it’s what humans do with their unbridled freedom

More freedom

Forget improving one’s mind, this is what people aspire to in Wonderland

Almost out

Well, I’m almost out of the rabbit hole, and I have to tell you, I won’t miss it and I’m never going back. We were once on a path toward a better future for our children, but somewhere we took a wrong turn. Now there’s no escaping the inevitable. Our ability to reason is almost gone. The idea of a brighter tomorrow for our kids has diminished exponentially over the last few decades. As a species, even if we don’t kill ourselves off we will surely go completely insane.