No One Knows What They’re Doing

Over the last few weeks I’ve been toying with an idea based on the premise that no one knows what they’re doing. It goes like this: When you were 7 did you think the same way as you did when you were 2? Of course not. And, when you were 14 did you think the same way as when you were 7? Nope. And when you were 21 did you think the same way at 14? Uh-uh. And when you were 35 did you think the same as when you were 21? Doubtful. I am 66 and I know that I don’t think the same way as when I was 45, or even 50.

If we follow this line of logic doesn’t it strongly suggest that 10 years from now we will look back on today and realize that we didn’t know what we were doing? That our thinking was somehow wrong? Not just ten years ago, but throughout our whole lives?

I don’t know all the implications of this thought, but, for me, it raises more questions than it answers. Does it imply that we are constantly living a lie? Will the things we consider important today become utterly trivial just a decade from now? When does this change in thinking stop? If we lived a thousand years would we see that we didn’t think the same way as when we were 800? What is the point of anything if our entire lives are nothing but a steady stream of misperceptions right up to the moment we die?

When we say that people change it is usually meant as a good thing – growing up, maturing. But, how can it be a good thing if we’re always changing? At some point shouldn’t there be a finished product?


I Am Not Smart

In all honesty I really don’t ‘know’ anything. There’s a difference between being able to repeat what I’ve heard or read and actually knowing something. I can tell you that atoms are made of particles, that the first three numbers of PI are 3.14, and that the moon is about 238,000 miles away. My head is loaded with information I’ve gathered over the years, and yet, I couldn’t rub two ideas together to make a nickel. So, when I write articles here, or talk on any subject, I am mostly just asking questions. I may put them in a form that seems like I’m making confident statements, but I do that only because I know how monotonous it is to read something that’s full of question marks.

How many Earths would it take to equal the size of the sun? Why do particles turn into waves in the double-slit experiment? What is gravity? What is the Copenhagen Interpretation? Is Schrodinger’s cat really dead and alive at the same time? How many ants does an aardvark eat every day? Isn’t this really annoying?

For me, whatever information I put out there, what I’m really doing is looking for more info to come back to me, and come back to me in layman’s terms that I can understand. I love contemplating the mysteries of the universe even though I’ll never discover anything on my own.

So, if you read my articles, understand that the points I make are just my personal ideas and opinions. I could be wrong. Hell, I could be very wrong, but isn’t that how we learn? We develop ideas on our own that get corrected by others at some point in our lives.

Don’t ever be afraid to tell me what you think on any given subject. Just please do so in a mature manner and stick to the subject. Thanks for listening.



This is my favorite line because it’s true: “Odd as it may seem, as I searched for the bizarre I discovered that I wasn’t going down the rabbit hole; I was climbing out of it.” We are living IN the rabbit hole and I’ve been trying to climb out of it for a while now. No need for too many words, the images alone should offer all the evidence needed to show the crazy world we’ve made for ourselves.

Meet Our Nuclear Family

Our Religion of Peace

There’s a lot of strange religions and rituals down the rabbit hole

How children are raised in Wonderland

Down the rabbit hole is where the men are men and the women are…men?

In Wonderland it’s what humans do with their unbridled freedom

More freedom

Forget improving one’s mind, this is what people aspire to in Wonderland

Almost out

Well, I’m almost out of the rabbit hole, and I have to tell you, I won’t miss it and I’m never going back. We were once on a path toward a better future for our children, but somewhere we took a wrong turn. Now there’s no escaping the inevitable. Our ability to reason is almost gone. The idea of a brighter tomorrow for our kids has diminished exponentially over the last few decades. As a species, even if we don’t kill ourselves off we will surely go completely insane.

Thinking It Through

Space-Time Fabric – Thinking It Through

I’m wrong! I’m wrong! I know it! Who am I to question the likes of Albert Einstein? But, my itsy bitsy teeny-weenie mind just won’t accept the great man’s idea of Space-Time Fabric. So, as I think this mystery through I’ll describe my many questions in the hope that someone might offer a comment that will explain why I’m wrong (and do it in layman’s terms). If you wish to learn more about Einstein’s Space-Time fabric just click on the link for a two minute video on this subject.

Consistency of the Space-Time Fabric

To make it brief, the sun curves space around it. The planets of our solar system roll along the inside of this curve as they orbit the sun. Here are the problems I have with this theory:

In order for space to ripple, curve, wave, or do anything, it has to have a physical presence in the universe. It has to be made of some kind of material. And in order for space to keep a whole planet in orbit around the sun (to keep it from just flying off to parts unknown) then that fabric of space has to have the solidity of a steel bowl a million miles thick. At the same time, if the space-time fabric were made of steel it would eat away at the planets, grinding away at them until they all look like the dirt ring around a bathtub.

However, if the space-time fabric were as soft as, say, a sponge, then the planets would wear a groove into it. And if the fabric were as thin as cellophane the friction of the speeding planets would burn a hole right through it, like the overheated film inside of an old movie projector.

Movie film melting

But, space isn’t even as thick as cellophane. The space-time fabric has the consistency of…?…nothing. And yet it keeps the planets from flying out of the solar system? How?

But, We’re Moving!

If you use Google Images to search for pictures of this space-time fabric you’ll find that every image depicts a stationary grid under the sun and planets.

What is not taken into account is that the Earth is orbiting the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. The sun, and the entire solar system, is zooming around the Milky Way at 500,000 MPH. And the galaxy is careening through space at a million miles per hour.

An idling speed boat will displace the water it is sitting in. This is because the water has a physical presence that can be manipulated, so at full speed that water doesn’t just curve under the boat; it is cut into a tremendous boiling wake behind the boat. If the sun can cause the space-time fabric to curve under and around it, then that fabric also has a physical presence. With the sun going at full speed, that fabric would become a violent cauldron of chaos behind it. At that speed there is no way that the fabric of space could hold the planets in orbit around the sun.

Hey, where’s the curve?

A contradiction here

LIGO, which is the acronym for The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, claims it has detected space-traveling gravitational waves on Earth. It shoots a laser that is split into two sections, each leading to a mirror, which in turn reflects the light back. If both reflected lights hit each other at the same time, they cancel each other out. But, if a gravitational wave elongates one of the lights it will be delayed, causing the other light to reach a detector, marking the fact that a gravity wave has just passed through.

My problem with detecting gravity waves on Earth is that, seeing as the Earth creates its own curve in the fabric of space, then a gravity wave would follow that curve and completely miss the planet.

Apparently, all of my suppositions are just plain wrong. It’s frustrating. Annoying! I want to accept Einstein’s idea of the fabric of space. But, at this time I just can’t. :- (

Thinking It Through

GOD(S) – Thinking It Through


There are beliefs that people take for granted as true without ever questioning them. In this series those questions will be asked in order to see if they can hold up to what we perceive them to be. It is not about discovering whether their main concept is true or not, but rather to find out if what we believe about them can stand up under the scrutiny of logic and reason. Let’s find out.


Ask a million different people what god’s physical appearance is and you’ll get a million different answers, ranging from fairly similar to different as day and night. This article will deal with the question of what his physical (or non-physical) attributes are.

What does God look like?

Many believe that their god looks like a man, similar to the one in the image above. But, there’s a real problem with that image. Why would a god need a nose, for example? Does he need to breathe? If he needs to breathe, doesn’t it go without saying that he could suffocate and die? The same goes for him having a mouth. If he needs a mouth, it would imply that he also needs a throat and a stomach… So, he either needs to eat or starve to death. Or, he could choke on something and die. This calls into question the idea that god made man in his image and likeness.

A Being Of Light

There is an idea that god is a being made of pure light – energy. It doesn’t take a physicist to know that energy must have a continuous supply from a source, or else it will just burn itself out. Turn off a light switch, and the light goes out. Does this sound like a god to you?

God is Nothing

Another belief if that god is nothing. He is a non-physical being that lives outside of space and time. The problem with this is that his knowledge has to be stored somewhere. Just as information has to be stored on the hard drive of your computer, so too must a god have a storage space, or a physical brain with synapses and neurons. A state of nothing cannot hold information such as thoughts and memories.

Again, this is not about deciding on whether a god exists or not, but logic and reason dictates that he is not any of the things mentioned. We have to try to redefine what a god is.


Five Observations On How This Life Is Irrelevant

Image result for live die repeat

1. Monotonous Repetition

Five thousand years ago there was government corruption, war, rape, child abuse, disease, addiction, insanity, poverty, racism… The rich got richer. People worked to survive. They believed in gods, and that the gods gave them a purpose.

Now you can repeat the above line for four thousand years ago, two thousand years ago, one thousand, and even today.

In at least five thousand years not a damn thing has changed. We are merely actors playing the same roles as those in the last generation. Each generation is a repeat of the previous one; the only difference being that each generation is given more sophisticated toys to play with. We traded in our spears for arrows, then muskets, which turned into high-powered rifles, canons, and nuclear missiles. And yet, we humans haven’t changed one bit. We are still causing war, terrorism, crime, hatred, and greed. When you exit this stage someone else will take over your role. You and I (along with the seven billion other performers) aren’t doing anything special or unique.

And if humans exist five thousand years from now there will be government corruption, war, rape, child abuse, disease, addiction, insanity, poverty, racism… The rich will get richer. People will work to survive. They will believe in gods, and that the gods will give them a purpose.

2. Evolution

The one thing people really don’t understand is evolution. Evolution doesn’t have a direction, and it doesn’t stop. It’s like a random wave that continuously rolls through each species, changing them according to their need and their environment. Our presence as homo sapiens on this planet is due to random mutations and changes in habitat. We weren’t planned, and that random wave is always with us. We are still changing. Have a look at the images of the people below. If they look different now, just imagine how different their descendants might look from each other a few million years from now (if we survive that long). There are no guarantees that we will even remain human, or intelligent, for that matter. Whatever you are right now, however important you think you are, is irrelevant. We are just creatures of this Earth and we will always be subject to the whims of its ever-changing climate and ecological system. So, whether we blow ourselves up, go extinct, or evolve into some other kind of animal, we’re just passing through, folks.

3. Wasting Our Brains

Of a pot shop, a book store, and a liquor store, which one do you think has the best chance of going out of business? Of course, the book store. Why are we so determined to mentally shut down and focus on those things that do nothing to improve our intellectual state of being? How can life be that boring when there’s a whole universe of knowledge and mysteries to explore? What is the point of living if not to expand our minds? Drugs, booze, playing mindless video games, and covering ourselves in ugly green ink is a total waste of our brains and our lives.

4. Holiday Madness

Maybe the holidays made sense when they first came into being, but they’ve definitely gone off the rails since then. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s for cultural, or religious reasons (or whatever), the one thing we never question is the phrase that goes with these holidays: “It’s the season for giving.”

Giving? When you sit around the table with family while enjoying your feast fit for a king (a feast you could enjoy almost every day of the year), did you remember to donate anything to the local food pantry to help the poor? Oh yes, why just last year we donated a can of carrots. Well, how wonderful of you (yes, that’s sarcasm)!

When doing your Christmas shopping if you buy gifts for YOUR wife, YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR dog…this isn’t giving. And though it’s good for the economy, it’s definitely not the intent behind “It’s the season for giving.” Especially when you come out of a store after spending a thousand dollars on gifts for your loved ones, and you are so overwhelmed with the Christmas spirit that you drop all of your loose change into the Bell Ringer’s little red kettle. How generous of you! Maybe the phrase should be changed to “It’s the season for sheer and utter selfishness.”

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 WOOHOO! The Earth went around the sun for 365 days! Um, as was pointed out earlier, not a thing has changed in 2,000 years. So, what’s so great about New Year’s? Also, you do realize that the Earth has orbited the sun approximately 4.5 billion times, right? Nothing about this holiday makes sense.

And how about Halloween? You know, the one day we give out candy to the kids because it’s just so darn hard for them to make it to the local convenience store on the other 364 days of the year. It’s pure foolishness.

5. SPOILER ALERT! Everybody dies

It is estimated that a hundred billion people have come and gone before us. And of those, only a handful have made it into the history books. So, think about it, if you gave birth to children then, yes, your bloodline will move forward. Unfortunately, you will not. There are seven billion people on the planet right now. In less than 150 years after the day you die, all seven billion will be gone. And that includes the babies being born on the day you kick the bucket, as well as your own kids. There will literally be no one alive at that time that have ever met you. All of your struggles and joys and adventures will be completely forgotten. It will be as if you never even existed. Knowing this, think about all the arguments and moments of sadness you will experience for nothing. Hopefully, knowing that your name won’t even come up in a dinner conversation will make your big problems seem a lot smaller from now on, and your small problems won’t be worth the shed of even a single tear. Don’t take this life too seriously, because we all end up in a place like the picture below – dead, gone, and forgotten.


Let’s Get Our Racist History Right

Look, I hate getting into this, but after reading Walter Rhein’s article entitled, “Schools Must Teach that Thomas Jefferson Raped a Black Child” I feel compelled to offer an opposing view. That article can be found here:

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Now, everything written in that article is probably true, but it’s time to accept that as human animals (because that’s all that we are — animals) we can be conditioned from a young age to accept the most horrid actions and beliefs as perfectly natural. Think of the children of Germany that were taught to hate the Jews and turn in their own parents for protecting them. Think of the Muslims being taught that it’s okay to cut off someone’s head, to rape women and children, and marry girls that are closer to being babies than they are to being adults (and that is still going on in today’s world).

Unfortunately, we are not born with a sense of right and wrong. Nor are we intrinsically blessed with the gifts of reason and rationality. So, for the sake of this argument please do not think of our founding fathers as white people doing white people things. I ask this because it would be such an ignorant mistake to think that all other races are innocent of such atrocities. Owning slaves and raping women and children is not exclusive to the white folk. Blacks have owned slaves. Blacks have raped. And if given the opportunity, there are a lot of blacks that would enslave whites. So, please, let’s put the color of our skin away and really look at what went on when humans first brought slavery into North America.

The first slave ship arrived in North America in 1619. That was 157 years before The United States of America was formed. People married young back then, so before the U.S. was founded at least 7 generations had already been raised and conditioned to accept slavery as the norm. So, come 1776 and the formation of our country, slavery wasn’t considered right or wrong. Except for a handful of abolitionists, people put no more shame into owning a black man than to owning a cow. It’s just the way things were. And, if people living today were brought up in that environment they would have been conditioned to think no more of it either.

Did you ever stop to consider that if we hadn’t become a country of our own, if we had stayed with Britain, there would probably still be slavery on the North American continent? It is the formation of the United States that led to the end of slavery. For without the United States there would have been no civil war. With no civil war there would have been no freeing of the slaves.

Fast forward to 1865, the 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery in the United States. But this only took place because 360,000 (mostly white) northern soldiers gave their lives so that all American slaves would be free.

So, from 1776 to 1865 there were slaves in the United States. That’s just 89 years, where slavery in other parts of the world lasted for thousands of years, and in one form or another still exists today.

Why isn’t this something to be proud of? In just 250 years our country has gone from brutal savagery and ignorance to giving each individual more freedoms than is bestowed upon citizens by any other country in the world.

So, yes, slavery in the United States was definitely a bad bad thing that was given to us before we even became a country. But, shouldn’t we hold ourselves in the highest of regards for ending it? I don’t know about you, but I’m very proud of that fact.

Regardless of our founding father’s own ignorant beliefs they still somehow managed to get it right on the most important document that our way of life is now based on — the Constitution.

Where is the profit in teaching our children to hate our country? We rose from the depths of depravity to become one of the greatest nations ever to exist — teach them that!

Thinking It Through

Heaven – Thinking It Through


There are beliefs that people take for granted as true without questioning them. In this series those questions will be asked in order to see if they can hold up to what we perceive them to be. It is not about discovering whether their main concept is true or not, but rather to find out if what we believe about them can stand up under the scrutiny of logic and reason. Let’s find out.

Things to do (or not do) in heaven

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  1. Do People Eat?
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What is paradise without the finest cuisine? I couldn’t imagine going through all of eternity without a good pizza, or a juicy steak, or a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. If people eat, where does the food come from? Are some people forced to work farms? Do people have to go food shopping? Do they have to pay for the food? Do they have to cook it? Or, does it just magically appear? Some might say that people absorb the energy (ingest the good vibes) straight from god. To be honest, if those good vibes don’t come with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy then I want no part of it.

2. After they eat…

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Okay, they’ve had a good meal. Does the food get digested? Do people have to pee and take a dump? Do they ever get diarrhea, or get constipation? Do people ever cut a raunchy fart in heaven? Are there bathrooms? If yes on the bathrooms, where does the waste go? Is there a massive septic system capable of handling a daily poop and pee from everyone throughout all of eternity?

Another opinion is that people are not made of flesh and bone in heaven. They’re just energy connected to god. What, no bacon and eggs? No Sunday morning on the throne with a good book or a newspaper? And you call that heaven?

What about showering? Do people get dirty in heaven? Do they get oily hair and pimples? Do they need to put on deodorant? Who washes the towels and dirty clothes?

3. What are they wearing?

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Speaking of clothing in heaven, who makes them? How much do they get paid? Do they sell the fabric by the yard? Do they sew them by hand or do they have sewing machines run by electricity in heaven?

4. Is there sadness in heaven (feelings, whoa whoa whoa)?

Pretty much everyone in their lifetime will have heard the question of, If someone makes it into heaven, but their son or daughter is roasting in hell, how can this parent experience the joys of living in paradise? Some believe that people in heaven are stripped of the ability to feel anything except joy. If this were true, then we would no longer be who we were on Earth. We’d be completely different people. So, what’s the point of struggling on Earth, only to be stripped of emotional pain, greed, and ambition in heaven?

It pretty much goes without saying that we need to do some serious work on forming a rational, unified concept of that place we’re supposed to spend an eternity in. If we make it there.


A Bear is not a bear, a Flower is not a flower, and You are not a human

There is a planet with oceans and land and air. Only, on this planet there are living marbles (yes, marbles — Oh, just go with it). At one point in time the marbles were living in just the oceans. They could communicate with one another, and one of their conversations went something like this:

A red marble complained, “This is boring! All I can do is roll around and create more marbles.”

“Agreed,” said a blue one. “We are single marbles, so lets join together to create complex combinations of marbles.”

All the marbles agreed, with one combination looking like the image below.

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Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, he’s making a fish.” NO! It is not a fish. It is merely a combination of marbles using a particular design that helps them swim. But, that is not the only arrangement of marbles. They had a brilliant idea to make as many different designs as they could think of; the idea being that if one or more combinations were to go extinct, there would always be other designs, thereby ensuring the survival of marbles until their planet could no longer sustain life.

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After the passing of some time one of the collections of marbles noticed that there was a place where the water ended and the dry land began. And, on that dry land were more collections of marbles. Some of them were stacked, one on top of the other to make fields of green. Others were piled into great marble trunks with branches and green marble leaves that seemed to touch the sky. There were crawling marbles, scurrying marbles, and even flying marbles.

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At some point, millions of years into their future, some of the marbles said, “Let us make a collection of marbles that can walk on two legs. We will also join together as arms and use these forms to build houses that will keep us safe from the elements. We will build vehicles that will make it easier and quicker to reach our food supplies.”

Now, all we have to do is switch marbles for living cells and this story becomes about our own planet, and our place in it.

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It would be incorrect to say that we are made of cells. The right way to say it is that we ARE cells, and that we are the design (the vehicles) they use to serve their own purpose. Think of it this way, if two friends grabbed onto each other’s ankles to tumble, would you call them a ball? No, they are two individuals that joined together to act as a ball, just as our cells grab onto each other to act as humans.

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So, you see, a bear is not a bear, but a collection of cells. A flower is not a flower, but a collection of cells. And, you are not a human, but rather (yep) a collection of cells. We exist in this human form only to serve the cells.

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In the above image a cell is dividing. Again, cells like this is not what you are made of, but rather, cells like this is what you ARE.

The following 6 minute clip is a time lapse of a single cell replicating until all of the cells take on the form of a salamander. Again, it’s not a salamander, but a collection of cells that took on that form.


Knowing who You are

The above image is a picture of you, me, and everyone else on the planet. The human body is just an attachment we use to take our minds from one experience to the next. You are not black or white, male or female, tall or short, or even fat or skinny. That gray matter is all that we are. It’s where all of our hopes and dreams and thoughts (be they wise or ignorant) are stored. It’s where (as Martin Luther King, Jr. suggested) the content of our character resides.

Here in the 21st century too many people focus on the body, with an utter disregard for the mind. It is the last place they look to for self improvement. They attempt to make themselves more interesting by getting tattoos, body piercings, dye their hair, pump up their muscles or get breast implants and Botox injections. And yet, when all of the physical alterations are done they are still the same person. When they open their mouths to speak they reveal that they haven’t changed at all.

No matter how trivial or complicated, if you want to impress people then you really really need to learn something new every day. It would be like tattooing information on your brain, and THAT’S COOL!