Thinking It Through

GOD(S) – Thinking It Through


There are beliefs that people take for granted as true without ever questioning them. In this series those questions will be asked in order to see if they can hold up to what we perceive them to be. It is not about discovering whether their main concept is true or not, but rather to find out if what we believe about them can stand up under the scrutiny of logic and reason. Let’s find out.


Ask a million different people what god’s physical appearance is and you’ll get a million different answers, ranging from fairly similar to different as day and night. This article will deal with the question of what his physical (or non-physical) attributes are.

What does God look like?

Many believe that their god looks like a man, similar to the one in the image above. But, there’s a real problem with that image. Why would a god need a nose, for example? Does he need to breathe? If he needs to breathe, doesn’t it go without saying that he could suffocate and die? The same goes for him having a mouth. If he needs a mouth, it would imply that he also needs a throat and a stomach… So, he either needs to eat or starve to death. Or, he could choke on something and die. This calls into question the idea that god made man in his image and likeness.

A Being Of Light

There is an idea that god is a being made of pure light – energy. It doesn’t take a physicist to know that energy must have a continuous supply from a source, or else it will just burn itself out. Turn off a light switch, and the light goes out. Does this sound like a god to you?

God is Nothing

Another belief if that god is nothing. He is a non-physical being that lives outside of space and time. The problem with this is that his knowledge has to be stored somewhere. Just as information has to be stored on the hard drive of your computer, so too must a god have a storage space, or a physical brain with synapses and neurons. A state of nothing cannot hold information such as thoughts and memories.

Again, this is not about deciding on whether a god exists or not, but logic and reason dictates that he is not any of the things mentioned. We have to try to redefine what a god is.