Let’s Get Our Racist History Right

Look, I hate getting into this, but after reading Walter Rhein’s article entitled, “Schools Must Teach that Thomas Jefferson Raped a Black Child” I feel compelled to offer an opposing view. That article can be found here:

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Now, everything written in that article is probably true, but it’s time to accept that as human animals (because that’s all that we are — animals) we can be conditioned from a young age to accept the most horrid actions and beliefs as perfectly natural. Think of the children of Germany that were taught to hate the Jews and turn in their own parents for protecting them. Think of the Muslims being taught that it’s okay to cut off someone’s head, to rape women and children, and marry girls that are closer to being babies than they are to being adults (and that is still going on in today’s world).

Unfortunately, we are not born with a sense of right and wrong. Nor are we intrinsically blessed with the gifts of reason and rationality. So, for the sake of this argument please do not think of our founding fathers as white people doing white people things. I ask this because it would be such an ignorant mistake to think that all other races are innocent of such atrocities. Owning slaves and raping women and children is not exclusive to the white folk. Blacks have owned slaves. Blacks have raped. And if given the opportunity, there are a lot of blacks that would enslave whites. So, please, let’s put the color of our skin away and really look at what went on when humans first brought slavery into North America.

The first slave ship arrived in North America in 1619. That was 157 years before The United States of America was formed. People married young back then, so before the U.S. was founded at least 7 generations had already been raised and conditioned to accept slavery as the norm. So, come 1776 and the formation of our country, slavery wasn’t considered right or wrong. Except for a handful of abolitionists, people put no more shame into owning a black man than to owning a cow. It’s just the way things were. And, if people living today were brought up in that environment they would have been conditioned to think no more of it either.

Did you ever stop to consider that if we hadn’t become a country of our own, if we had stayed with Britain, there would probably still be slavery on the North American continent? It is the formation of the United States that led to the end of slavery. For without the United States there would have been no civil war. With no civil war there would have been no freeing of the slaves.

Fast forward to 1865, the 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery in the United States. But this only took place because 360,000 (mostly white) northern soldiers gave their lives so that all American slaves would be free.

So, from 1776 to 1865 there were slaves in the United States. That’s just 89 years, where slavery in other parts of the world lasted for thousands of years, and in one form or another still exists today.

Why isn’t this something to be proud of? In just 250 years our country has gone from brutal savagery and ignorance to giving each individual more freedoms than is bestowed upon citizens by any other country in the world.

So, yes, slavery in the United States was definitely a bad bad thing that was given to us before we even became a country. But, shouldn’t we hold ourselves in the highest of regards for ending it? I don’t know about you, but I’m very proud of that fact.

Regardless of our founding father’s own ignorant beliefs they still somehow managed to get it right on the most important document that our way of life is now based on — the Constitution.

Where is the profit in teaching our children to hate our country? We rose from the depths of depravity to become one of the greatest nations ever to exist — teach them that!

Thinking It Through

Heaven – Thinking It Through


There are beliefs that people take for granted as true without questioning them. In this series those questions will be asked in order to see if they can hold up to what we perceive them to be. It is not about discovering whether their main concept is true or not, but rather to find out if what we believe about them can stand up under the scrutiny of logic and reason. Let’s find out.

Things to do (or not do) in heaven

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  1. Do People Eat?
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What is paradise without the finest cuisine? I couldn’t imagine going through all of eternity without a good pizza, or a juicy steak, or a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning. If people eat, where does the food come from? Are some people forced to work farms? Do people have to go food shopping? Do they have to pay for the food? Do they have to cook it? Or, does it just magically appear? Some might say that people absorb the energy (ingest the good vibes) straight from god. To be honest, if those good vibes don’t come with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy then I want no part of it.

2. After they eat…

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Okay, they’ve had a good meal. Does the food get digested? Do people have to pee and take a dump? Do they ever get diarrhea, or get constipation? Do people ever cut a raunchy fart in heaven? Are there bathrooms? If yes on the bathrooms, where does the waste go? Is there a massive septic system capable of handling a daily poop and pee from everyone throughout all of eternity?

Another opinion is that people are not made of flesh and bone in heaven. They’re just energy connected to god. What, no bacon and eggs? No Sunday morning on the throne with a good book or a newspaper? And you call that heaven?

What about showering? Do people get dirty in heaven? Do they get oily hair and pimples? Do they need to put on deodorant? Who washes the towels and dirty clothes?

3. What are they wearing?

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Speaking of clothing in heaven, who makes them? How much do they get paid? Do they sell the fabric by the yard? Do they sew them by hand or do they have sewing machines run by electricity in heaven?

4. Is there sadness in heaven (feelings, whoa whoa whoa)?

Pretty much everyone in their lifetime will have heard the question of, If someone makes it into heaven, but their son or daughter is roasting in hell, how can this parent experience the joys of living in paradise? Some believe that people in heaven are stripped of the ability to feel anything except joy. If this were true, then we would no longer be who we were on Earth. We’d be completely different people. So, what’s the point of struggling on Earth, only to be stripped of emotional pain, greed, and ambition in heaven?

It pretty much goes without saying that we need to do some serious work on forming a rational, unified concept of that place we’re supposed to spend an eternity in. If we make it there.


A Bear is not a bear, a Flower is not a flower, and You are not a human

There is a planet with oceans and land and air. Only, on this planet there are living marbles (yes, marbles — Oh, just go with it). At one point in time the marbles were living in just the oceans. They could communicate with one another, and one of their conversations went something like this:

A red marble complained, “This is boring! All I can do is roll around and create more marbles.”

“Agreed,” said a blue one. “We are single marbles, so lets join together to create complex combinations of marbles.”

All the marbles agreed, with one combination looking like the image below.

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Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, he’s making a fish.” NO! It is not a fish. It is merely a combination of marbles using a particular design that helps them swim. But, that is not the only arrangement of marbles. They had a brilliant idea to make as many different designs as they could think of; the idea being that if one or more combinations were to go extinct, there would always be other designs, thereby ensuring the survival of marbles until their planet could no longer sustain life.

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After the passing of some time one of the collections of marbles noticed that there was a place where the water ended and the dry land began. And, on that dry land were more collections of marbles. Some of them were stacked, one on top of the other to make fields of green. Others were piled into great marble trunks with branches and green marble leaves that seemed to touch the sky. There were crawling marbles, scurrying marbles, and even flying marbles.

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At some point, millions of years into their future, some of the marbles said, “Let us make a collection of marbles that can walk on two legs. We will also join together as arms and use these forms to build houses that will keep us safe from the elements. We will build vehicles that will make it easier and quicker to reach our food supplies.”

Now, all we have to do is switch marbles for living cells and this story becomes about our own planet, and our place in it.

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It would be incorrect to say that we are made of cells. The right way to say it is that we ARE cells, and that we are the design (the vehicles) they use to serve their own purpose. Think of it this way, if two friends grabbed onto each other’s ankles to tumble, would you call them a ball? No, they are two individuals that joined together to act as a ball, just as our cells grab onto each other to act as humans.

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So, you see, a bear is not a bear, but a collection of cells. A flower is not a flower, but a collection of cells. And, you are not a human, but rather (yep) a collection of cells. We exist in this human form only to serve the cells.

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In the above image a cell is dividing. Again, cells like this is not what you are made of, but rather, cells like this is what you ARE.

The following 6 minute clip is a time lapse of a single cell replicating until all of the cells take on the form of a salamander. Again, it’s not a salamander, but a collection of cells that took on that form.


Knowing who You are

The above image is a picture of you, me, and everyone else on the planet. The human body is just an attachment we use to take our minds from one experience to the next. You are not black or white, male or female, tall or short, or even fat or skinny. That gray matter is all that we are. It’s where all of our hopes and dreams and thoughts (be they wise or ignorant) are stored. It’s where (as Martin Luther King, Jr. suggested) the content of our character resides.

Here in the 21st century too many people focus on the body, with an utter disregard for the mind. It is the last place they look to for self improvement. They attempt to make themselves more interesting by getting tattoos, body piercings, dye their hair, pump up their muscles or get breast implants and Botox injections. And yet, when all of the physical alterations are done they are still the same person. When they open their mouths to speak they reveal that they haven’t changed at all.

No matter how trivial or complicated, if you want to impress people then you really really need to learn something new every day. It would be like tattooing information on your brain, and THAT’S COOL!


All the Things You are NOT

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We humans have built a wall of lies so high that we can’t even see over the top. We live each day with our heads filled with falsehoods and misconceptions. Don’t worry, though. Living in a non-reality is not really a bad thing, considering that I’m about to tell you the truth about how useless and irrelevant you are. So, if you really are useless and irrelevant (which you are), then living in a fairy tale isn’t much of a crime, now is it?

Let’s get to it. Here are all of the things that you are NOT.

You are not unique.

How in the world did we ever get the idea that, as individuals, we are truly one of a kind? With seven billion people on the planet, if you (and I) were gems our value would be around a penny a piece. Are you going to school? Then count yourself as one of a billion-or-so students. Do you have a penis, or breasts and a vagina, well that would only make you one in about 3.5 billion. Are you pregnant? Did you know that about 385,000 babies are born each day? Nothing unique about that. So, while people are telling you that you are unique, there are billions of people thinking, feeling, loving, hating, struggling…just like you. Me telling you that you are not unique is not an insult — it just is what it is. Nobody is unique.

You are not special.

Okay, there are some special people in the world. The guy that came up with E=MC². The woman that discovered radium. Even Samuel J. Porcello is special; without him we wouldn’t have Oreo cookies.

So, what have you invented? Discovered? Achieved? Don’t sweat it if you haven’t accomplished anything. I haven’t either. And, neither have most of the hundred-billion people that have come and gone before us.

Your body is not your temple.

Okay, starting from the top down, our hair gets oily. We get huge pimples on our scalp, as well as the ones on our face, back, butt, and other parts of the body. We grow ear wax, collect gunk in our eyes, snot in our nose, and cough up thick phlegm. We sneeze, burp and have rotten breath. Our arm pits sweat and stink. We fart, shit, and piss, with the women bleeding and the men oozing fluids from their nether regions. Our feet can also stink.

Temple? Our bodies are disgusting!

You do not have a higher purpose.

What purpose would that be? If we are supposed to be caretakers of the Earth, um, when will we start because what we’re doing resembles more of a deadly virus than caretakers. We pollute the land, air, and water. We’re cutting down whole forests to make more room for us. We’re driving other species into extinction. Does this sound like a higher purpose to you? If we have a purpose, the evidence shows that that purpose is to destroy everything we touch.

We are not beings of spiritual light made into flesh.

What does that mean, exactly? If we are made of spiritual light then why can’t we remember any part of that existence before we took on these bacteria and disease ridden bodies? If that higher state of being is so great then why did we leave it? We are stuck in a world of natural violence (everything killing and eating everything else), in a world where the soil is made of 3.5 billion years of dead vegetation, blood, rotting animals, and animal poop. If we were once beings of light then we had to have escaped that state out of desperation; so that realm had to have been even worse this one. For no being of light, in his right mind, would want to live on this disgusting planet, in these pathetic bodies.

What you ARE.

Rub your stocking feet on a carpet, then touch some metal. Did you see that spark? That’s you. You are a speck of energy that will quickly blink out and be completely forgotten. It will be like you never even existed. So, while you’re here you might as well enjoy this moment in existence before you go back into non-existence again. Don’t even think about suicide because you’re going to die anyway; living 80 to 100 years is nothing. Just do your time as best you can.

Two thousand years ago there was religion, government, war, crime, disease, hate, racism, greed, suffering, and a lot of ignorant people. Today there is religion, government, war, crime, disease, hate, racism, greed, suffering, and a lot of ignorant people. Nothing has changed. You won’t change anything. The best we can do is pretend that we are worthwhile (which we aren’t), and that everything will eventually get better (which it won’t). But, at least know the truth, that you, and everyone else on the planet, is utterly useless.

Laugh. Love. Try to get along with those going through this meaningless existence at the same time as you, but do so with the understanding that it is all for nothing.

Life — it is what it is.


It’s a Wonderful World (Part 2)

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Imagine if humans started out in a real paradise. No sickness. No hunger. No boredom. Just a perfect world. Tell me, what would give them any reason or inspiration to achieve? To invent? They already have everything they need, so what would compel them to learn anything? To strive for something better? They wouldn’t. The following is not a matter of assigning right or wrong or good or bad to our own world; it’s just a matter of ‘it is what it is’. For, like it or not, paradise is not the world we live in. Far from it. So, what are the virtues that rule this world?

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Greed is what drives our economy. It’s what generates jobs that pay for your homes and cars and cell phones. Greed puts food on your table and shoes on your feet. Without greed we would have none of the luxuries we enjoy today. Isn’t it funny how greed is so maligned, yet without it we would have nothing.

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Brutal ambition and competition

Companies look to destroy each other as they compete for a bigger share of the profits. This drives companies to make their products better, faster, and cheaper. Better for us, the consumer.

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Crime is ugly. And yet, it is probably the biggest contributor to every economy in the world. Just imagine what would happen if everyone on planet suddenly became law-abiding citizens? Perhaps billions of people would be out of a job. There’s law-enforcement, the legal system, prison system, counseling for rehabilitation and for the victims. Again, it’s ugly, but it is what it is.

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Another big economic contributor is disease. From throat lozenges to cough medicines, the common cold alone is a multi-million dollar a year industry. Add that to cancer research and treatments, doctor visits, hospitals, pharmaceuticals… What a huge job loss it would be if suddenly everyone stopped getting sick.

I know that your initial response to this article is one of utter disgust, but subconsciously you agree with it. You want proof? When is the last time you watched a movie of a perfect family doing perfect things with no strife or struggles to overcome? Talk about boring! You actually WANT to see pain. You WANT to be frightened. You WANT the good guy to kick some ass and win the girl back (and for the good guy to win, there has to be bad guys). Why do you want to see these things? Because without grief and trials and tribulations to overcome, this life would be an intolerable paradise.

Talk about Alice in Wonderland — in our world, sometimes good is bad and bad is really REALLY good.


LIFE – It’s Not About You, or About Me, for that Matter

In this sometimes crazy, chaotic life I have felt compelled to search for the answer to this question: What are we really doing?

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Are we here to worship one of the 4,000 ridiculous gods that we have created throughout time (Not your god, of course, yours is the real one!). Are we here to buy that house and car and have cookouts on the weekends? Are we here to work, work, work? War, war, war? Well, I’ve found the answer. I will explain it, but you’re probably going to hate it. Have a look at this picture:

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What many people don’t take into consideration is that the first one on the left had babies that grew up to have babies of their own. The descendants of these babies slowly evolved into the next species, that also had babies. If we repeat this idea right up to the image all the way to the right, then we understand that there weren’t just two homo sapiens (modern man) in the beginning. There had to be hundreds, if not thousands of them. This is where our story begins.

The First Spear

One of the first humans picked up a long stick, somehow put a point on it, and threw it. The information about the spear was passed onto the next generation, and the next, and so on. Let me rephrase that: The information about a pointy stick has survived for, roughly, three-hundred-thousand years, and is still going strong. Even five million years from now the people will know of the spear. But, of the personalities and inner struggles of the first humans, none of that information was passed on. All those thousands of lives forgotten, deleted.

The First Farm

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At some point in time humans got tired of walking from one food source to the next. They decided to plant the seeds of fruits and vegetables, and they captured young animals from the wild to domesticate for a steady supply of meat. Hence, the first farm was created. The information about farming was passed on from generation to generation. But, of the thousands (maybe even millions by this time) of individuals alive at the time of the first farm, pick one and tell me what his/her favorite fruit was? Were they happy or utterly miserable? What songs did the little girls sing? We know nothing of them. Apparently, that information wasn’t important enough to pass on.

We can repeat these same steps through the invention of the wheel, through the Bronze Age, Middle Ages… The only thing that gets passed on from generation to generation is useful information — knowledge. Point being, we humans aren’t the star of this show, folks. Information is.

Some might suggest that the reason the hundred billion humans that have gone before us have been lost to time is because they didn’t have the tools to write down their stories back then. This is untrue because even today successful biographies are only written about those that have either achieved something, discovered something, or invented something. It’s all about retaining the knowledge. You would be hard pressed to go into a book store and find a biography of a man that just worked forty years in a factory, raised a couple of kids, and then died of old age.

So, just as bees collect honey, and then die, the human animal collects information and then dies. Just who, or what, gets this information in the end, I couldn’t tell you, but it is quite clear that our little daily struggles and overwhelming joys are irrelevant because this life is not about us. We, too, shall be completely forgotten in just about a hundred years from the day we die. At that point our names won’t even come up in a dinner conversation.

Many may find this idea horrifying, that they will be forgotten. But, when we consider how imperfect we are, isn’t it rather comforting to know that our embarrassments and mistakes will not survive the test of time?


Yes, this is Definitely a Simulation! Well, maybe. Could be. Eh, I don’t know.

I wasn’t looking for a simulation theory, so my research was not biased. To be honest, I didn’t care one way or the other, because no matter how or what this life is it is still the only game in town, so we have to play it whether it was created by gods, programmers, aliens, or random natural events. And yet, I kept bumping into the many mysteries of this universe that seem only possible if it were a computer simulation. It made me go “Hmmmm?” too many times for me to ignore any longer. You may find the following examples either logical or downright ridiculous, but they are all posted for your consideration. For me, I am more than 50% convinced that this universe is a simulation.

  1. Comparisons between the pixel and the atom.
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The tiny pixels that formulate the images on your computer screen are made up of three colors: red, blue, and green.

An atom is made up of three particles: Protons, neutrons, and electrons.

In the pixel, since they are just colors it can be said that the pixel is 99.999% empty space.

The atom is also considered to be 99.999% empty space.
(Lately, there has been some debate on whether the atom is empty or full. If you look at the above image of the atom, the green balls are electrons. These electrons have a very specific orbit and never enter into the spaces between them. Those spaces are always empty, so how can an atom be considered full?)

Adjusting the three different colors in the pixels will create all the colors needed to paint every image imaginable on your screen. For instance, more red and blue, with less green might generate the color purple. More green and red, with less blue might make yellow…

Adjusting the numbers of the particles within the atom will create all the atoms in the universe. For instance, 2 protons, 2 neutrons, and 2 electrons will create a helium atom, while 118 neutrons, 79 protons, and 79 electrons will make gold…

The Double-slit Experiment reveals that when particles are not being observed they collapse into non-physical waves of potential energy. If you turn off your computer, but leave the monitor on, the only thing flowing through your monitor is energy.

2. Entangled Particles

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(If you want to learn more about atoms, the Double-slit Experiment, the raging debates between the likes of Einstein and Niels Bohr, and all kinds of sciency stuff, just go to Youtube and do a search on these subjects. There’s enough info there to make your head explode.)

When two particles are created at the same time they become what physicists call, Entangled. If one particle is spinning left to right, then the other particle instantly spins right to left. This occurs whether the particles are side by side or light-years away from each other.

Calling it “Spooky action at a distance”, Einstein hated the idea that information can travel faster than light, and today’s physicists claim that he was wrong. I am not so sure. In our universe, if information goes from one place to another, common sense tells us that it must first leave point A where the information was created, travel to a destination that could be billions of light years away, and then be uploaded to the sister particle; this process HAS TO TAKE TIME. Since it is being claimed that no time passes then it is evident that the information did not travel through space. So, where did the information come from? I propose that such information came from outside of the universe, and from the inside of a computer program.

As the image below describes, if you press a key on your computer to make the number 1 spot an ‘A’, then the program automatically and instantaneously gives the number 2 spot a ‘B’, and vice-versa. The information doesn’t even travel across your monitor from the first spot to the second. It just makes more sense, at least to me.

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3. Space-time fabric

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Before we get into this we need to get some perspective on what the space-time fabric is (or rather, what it is not). To do this let’s assign a number to represent the physical presence of all the material in the universe. For instance:

Gas would be number 1, meaning that even though we can’t hold it in our hands, we know it’s still there because we wouldn’t be able to breathe without the gas known as oxygen.

Liquid is 2. We know liquid exists because liquid water carved out the Grand Canyon, and because we don’t go out at night to drink gas.

Solid material is number 3 because, well, have you ever been hit by a baseball? Ouch!

Space-time fabric? ZERO. It is not a gas, liquid, or solid. It is nothing.

Einstein came up with the idea that the sun bends space around it, and that the Earth and the other planets are stuck in this curve in the fabric of space. Now, the Earth may be a small planet, but it’s still a PLANET. And as a planet it is zipping around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. No strings holding it in place. No magnetic forces from the sun trying to pull us in. The Earth is being held in place by a NON-force that has absolutely no physical presence in the universe. Really? In order for this to be true, in order to keep the Earth from just flying straight out into space, that space-time fabric would have to be as strong as a steel bowl a few million miles thick, with the Earth rolling around the inside of it. And yet, that curve in space is so gentle that it doesn’t RIP OFF our very fragile atmosphere. I don’t know about you, but this is just too much for me to swallow.

If there is no magnetic field holding the planets in place, if Newton’s idea is wrong, that the planets are going at just the right speed to continually fall around the sun, then what’s holding the planets in place? The orbiting of planets simply has to be written within the computer program.

4. All knowledge is already loaded into the universe.

Before mankind came into existence, even before the first star formed, the law claiming that 2+2 would always equal 4 was already formed. We are not inventing anything. We are merely discovering information that has already been loaded into the universe program. And, we cannot create or discover anything that is not in the program.

5. Everything exists until you stop looking at it.

If you are to have even the slightest clue on what I’m about to explain then you need to watch this 5 minute clip on the double-slit experiment. Please watch to the end, where the mystery is revealed.

The Double-slit experiment has been repeated often enough to become fact. The fact being, when particles (and even atoms) are not being measured or observed, they collapse into waves of non-physical energy. Einstein hated this.

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Have a look at the computer image below.

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This simulated being is walking through the city. If he’d been given artificial intelligence he would be able to see the world in front of him, and he’d be confident that the world behind him is still there. But, we know differently. We can see that the computer screen ends right behind him. The city behind him wouldn’t appear again unless he turned around and looked.

So, let me make this as clear as I possibly can: The city behind the man disappears when he’s not looking at it, and EVERY PARTICLE AND ATOM IN OUR UNIVERSE COLLAPSES INTO NON-PHYSICAL WAVES OF POTENTIAL ENERGY WHEN WE ARE NOT LOOKING AT THEM. Can you see the similarity between the computer world and ours? Good.

5. Hey, where’s the Earth’s gravity?

Hey, I can show you a magnetic field. (Okay, prove it.) Okay.

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Tesla could make an electric field. (Can I see it?) Of course.

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(Cool! Can you show me the Earth’s gravitational field?) Uhhhhh, no.

When it comes to the explanation of Earth’s gravity it sure seems like a mess to me. Here’s a link to a bunch of videos trying to explain gravity (pick one, any one), but they only generate more questions than they answer:

I was taught that the earth’s gravity is a force that is generated at the center of the planet, and reaches up to grab (and pull down on) everything to keep them from flying off into space. However, if that were true (with gravity being a force, an energy of some sort) then we should be able to detect it. Consider a man standing under a one-ton slab of cement that is being held in the air by a crane.

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If gravity is reaching up from the Earth and pulling on the slab of cement, why can’t that force be detected in the field beneath it? To say that the slab weighs one ton is like saying that gravity is using one ton of force to pull it down. That force alone should crush the man standing under it, and yet he feels nothing. Even if we were to place a highly sensitive scale on the ground under the slab it would register nothing.

Today’s physicists are playing with Einstein’s idea that gravity is a matter of (get this) the Earth is falling UP! When you drop a cup it does not fall, but the planet shoots up to meet it. There is no word for my level of disbelief on this. If we are being kept on the Earth because the planet if falling up to meet us, well, that’s all fine and good for the people living in the northern hemisphere, but those people living below the equator have a real problem. Besides, if gravity is nothing but a matter of falling in any direction, what compels everyone and everything around the planet to fall in the direction of the center of the Earth?

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Now I have to ask you: What keeps Mario on the ground in his game? Answer: In the computer program for Mario the parameters are written for him to stay on his ground. It’s that simple, and I think it is for us, too.

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Everything you see on your computer monitor is merely a visual representation of a program in your computer. Since it is well understood that everything in our universe is made of non-physical energy, could it be that we are also living as a visual representation of a program running in some other dimension? Personally, I think, yeah.

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This Life is a Lie

Odd as it may seem, as I searched for the bizarre I discovered that I wasn’t going down the rabbit hole; I was climbing out of it. ~ JiggerJ

Boy, what a mess! The more I’ve looked at this life we’ve created — our beliefs, cultures, societies — the more I came to realize that it’s all a complete lie. To say that how we’re living is insane would be an understatement. So, just look at what I’m about to show you so that you would at least know the truth, because knowing the truth has to always be better than living a lie, no matter how horrific that truth is. And, of course, the biggest lie has to be the belief in gods.

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Most monotheistic beliefs are based on the idea that there is an ALL-knowing, ALL-powerful, supernatural being that lives with a bunch of winged angels in paradise, while a demon, possibly with horns and a pointy tail waits to torture everyone in a land of fire and brimstone. Upon reading this it should be that even the most fanatical of believers should wake up and say, “Well, now that you put it that way it does sound utterly absurd.” Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Oh, and it gets worse from here.

A man once flew to heaven on a creature that had the body of a horse, the head of a man, the wings of a giant bird, and the tail of a peacock. And, just for kicks, on the way to heaven this man cut the moon in half with his sword. Really? How can even one adult human believe in this nonsense, much less a billion of them?

I can hear them now, “Hey, you don’t know if it’s true or not!” Well, in response I can say the same thing about mermaids, leprechauns, and werewolves. No one can find evidence one way or the other on fictional creatures that don’t exist. However, when a whole book of tales has zero evidence to back it up, it’s a pretty good bet that it’s a book of complete fiction. Have a look at all of the baseless claims in the bible (and if you think they aren’t baseless claims then please provide evidence for anything listed below):

There is no evidence for the

Garden of Eden
Talking serpent
Forbidden fruit
Talking donkey
Noah’s ark
World flood
Samson getting his strength from his hair
Two She-Bears killing 42 boys for calling someone a baldy head
Jonah living three days in the belly of a big fish, IN the ocean, UNDER water
A woman turning into a pillar of salt
No evidence of Egypt ever enslaving the Jews
God on Mt. Sinai
All firstborn of Egypt dying
Parting of the Red Sea
The Jews roaming the desert for 40 years
The stone tablets containing ten commandments
Ark of the covenant
Virgin birth
Miracles performed by Jesus
The dead saints rising from their graves to roam the city during the crucifixion
Jesus rising from the dead
No evidence that a death can force a god into forgiving sin
Jesus ascending into heaven

There is also no evidence of

Winged angels
Or anything supernatural

To believe in such claims with such an overwhelming lack of evidence has become an embarrassment to mankind in the 21st century. We should have grown out of this childishness by now. But, sadly, we haven’t.


It’s a Wonderful World (Part 1)

Odd as it may seem, as I searched for the bizarre I discovered that I wasn’t going down the rabbit hole; I was climbing out of it. ~ JiggerJ

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Ah, the flowers!

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The richness of the forests!

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The lovely birds!

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Sorry, folks, but this world is not even close to what you think it is. All life on this planet is part of an ecological system based on kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

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As you read this, billions, perhaps trillions of living things are being killed and eaten. From microscopic bacteria, to the great whales of the ocean, everything owes its existence to just how well it can kill. And, this killing spree goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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And those lovely meadows you see?

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Those meadows are grown on soil. What is in that soil? Well, you’ll find a not-so-lovely collection of dead vegetation, rotting animal bodies, blood, worm shit, bug shit, and, well, more —

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It’s to the point where, if such a thing as a creator existed, one would rightfully have every reason to believe that this creator decided to make the most disgusting planet he could imagine.