Yes, this is Definitely a Simulation! Well, maybe. Could be. Eh, I don’t know.

I wasn’t looking for a simulation theory, so my research was not biased. To be honest, I didn’t care one way or the other, because no matter how or what this life is it is still the only game in town, so we have to play it whether it was created by gods, programmers, aliens, or random natural events. And yet, I kept bumping into the many mysteries of this universe that seem only possible if it were a computer simulation. It made me go “Hmmmm?” too many times for me to ignore any longer. You may find the following examples either logical or downright ridiculous, but they are all posted for your consideration. For me, I am more than 50% convinced that this universe is a simulation.

  1. Comparisons between the pixel and the atom.
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The tiny pixels that formulate the images on your computer screen are made up of three colors: red, blue, and green.

An atom is made up of three particles: Protons, neutrons, and electrons.

In the pixel, since they are just colors it can be said that the pixel is 99.999% empty space.

The atom is also considered to be 99.999% empty space.
(Lately, there has been some debate on whether the atom is empty or full. If you look at the above image of the atom, the green balls are electrons. These electrons have a very specific orbit and never enter into the spaces between them. Those spaces are always empty, so how can an atom be considered full?)

Adjusting the three different colors in the pixels will create all the colors needed to paint every image imaginable on your screen. For instance, more red and blue, with less green might generate the color purple. More green and red, with less blue might make yellow…

Adjusting the numbers of the particles within the atom will create all the atoms in the universe. For instance, 2 protons, 2 neutrons, and 2 electrons will create a helium atom, while 118 neutrons, 79 protons, and 79 electrons will make gold…

The Double-slit Experiment reveals that when particles are not being observed they collapse into non-physical waves of potential energy. If you turn off your computer, but leave the monitor on, the only thing flowing through your monitor is energy.

2. Entangled Particles

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(If you want to learn more about atoms, the Double-slit Experiment, the raging debates between the likes of Einstein and Niels Bohr, and all kinds of sciency stuff, just go to Youtube and do a search on these subjects. There’s enough info there to make your head explode.)

When two particles are created at the same time they become what physicists call, Entangled. If one particle is spinning left to right, then the other particle instantly spins right to left. This occurs whether the particles are side by side or light-years away from each other.

Calling it “Spooky action at a distance”, Einstein hated the idea that information can travel faster than light, and today’s physicists claim that he was wrong. I am not so sure. In our universe, if information goes from one place to another, common sense tells us that it must first leave point A where the information was created, travel to a destination that could be billions of light years away, and then be uploaded to the sister particle; this process HAS TO TAKE TIME. Since it is being claimed that no time passes then it is evident that the information did not travel through space. So, where did the information come from? I propose that such information came from outside of the universe, and from the inside of a computer program.

As the image below describes, if you press a key on your computer to make the number 1 spot an ‘A’, then the program automatically and instantaneously gives the number 2 spot a ‘B’, and vice-versa. The information doesn’t even travel across your monitor from the first spot to the second. It just makes more sense, at least to me.

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3. Space-time fabric

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Before we get into this we need to get some perspective on what the space-time fabric is (or rather, what it is not). To do this let’s assign a number to represent the physical presence of all the material in the universe. For instance:

Gas would be number 1, meaning that even though we can’t hold it in our hands, we know it’s still there because we wouldn’t be able to breathe without the gas known as oxygen.

Liquid is 2. We know liquid exists because liquid water carved out the Grand Canyon, and because we don’t go out at night to drink gas.

Solid material is number 3 because, well, have you ever been hit by a baseball? Ouch!

Space-time fabric? ZERO. It is not a gas, liquid, or solid. It is nothing.

Einstein came up with the idea that the sun bends space around it, and that the Earth and the other planets are stuck in this curve in the fabric of space. Now, the Earth may be a small planet, but it’s still a PLANET. And as a planet it is zipping around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. No strings holding it in place. No magnetic forces from the sun trying to pull us in. The Earth is being held in place by a NON-force that has absolutely no physical presence in the universe. Really? In order for this to be true, in order to keep the Earth from just flying straight out into space, that space-time fabric would have to be as strong as a steel bowl a few million miles thick, with the Earth rolling around the inside of it. And yet, that curve in space is so gentle that it doesn’t RIP OFF our very fragile atmosphere. I don’t know about you, but this is just too much for me to swallow.

If there is no magnetic field holding the planets in place, if Newton’s idea is wrong, that the planets are going at just the right speed to continually fall around the sun, then what’s holding the planets in place? The orbiting of planets simply has to be written within the computer program.

4. All knowledge is already loaded into the universe.

Before mankind came into existence, even before the first star formed, the law claiming that 2+2 would always equal 4 was already formed. We are not inventing anything. We are merely discovering information that has already been loaded into the universe program. And, we cannot create or discover anything that is not in the program.

5. Everything exists until you stop looking at it.

If you are to have even the slightest clue on what I’m about to explain then you need to watch this 5 minute clip on the double-slit experiment. Please watch to the end, where the mystery is revealed.

The Double-slit experiment has been repeated often enough to become fact. The fact being, when particles (and even atoms) are not being measured or observed, they collapse into waves of non-physical energy. Einstein hated this.

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Have a look at the computer image below.

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This simulated being is walking through the city. If he’d been given artificial intelligence he would be able to see the world in front of him, and he’d be confident that the world behind him is still there. But, we know differently. We can see that the computer screen ends right behind him. The city behind him wouldn’t appear again unless he turned around and looked.

So, let me make this as clear as I possibly can: The city behind the man disappears when he’s not looking at it, and EVERY PARTICLE AND ATOM IN OUR UNIVERSE COLLAPSES INTO NON-PHYSICAL WAVES OF POTENTIAL ENERGY WHEN WE ARE NOT LOOKING AT THEM. Can you see the similarity between the computer world and ours? Good.

5. Hey, where’s the Earth’s gravity?

Hey, I can show you a magnetic field. (Okay, prove it.) Okay.

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Tesla could make an electric field. (Can I see it?) Of course.

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(Cool! Can you show me the Earth’s gravitational field?) Uhhhhh, no.

When it comes to the explanation of Earth’s gravity it sure seems like a mess to me. Here’s a link to a bunch of videos trying to explain gravity (pick one, any one), but they only generate more questions than they answer:

I was taught that the earth’s gravity is a force that is generated at the center of the planet, and reaches up to grab (and pull down on) everything to keep them from flying off into space. However, if that were true (with gravity being a force, an energy of some sort) then we should be able to detect it. Consider a man standing under a one-ton slab of cement that is being held in the air by a crane.

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If gravity is reaching up from the Earth and pulling on the slab of cement, why can’t that force be detected in the field beneath it? To say that the slab weighs one ton is like saying that gravity is using one ton of force to pull it down. That force alone should crush the man standing under it, and yet he feels nothing. Even if we were to place a highly sensitive scale on the ground under the slab it would register nothing.

Today’s physicists are playing with Einstein’s idea that gravity is a matter of (get this) the Earth is falling UP! When you drop a cup it does not fall, but the planet shoots up to meet it. There is no word for my level of disbelief on this. If we are being kept on the Earth because the planet if falling up to meet us, well, that’s all fine and good for the people living in the northern hemisphere, but those people living below the equator have a real problem. Besides, if gravity is nothing but a matter of falling in any direction, what compels everyone and everything around the planet to fall in the direction of the center of the Earth?

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Now I have to ask you: What keeps Mario on the ground in his game? Answer: In the computer program for Mario the parameters are written for him to stay on his ground. It’s that simple, and I think it is for us, too.

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Everything you see on your computer monitor is merely a visual representation of a program in your computer. Since it is well understood that everything in our universe is made of non-physical energy, could it be that we are also living as a visual representation of a program running in some other dimension? Personally, I think, yeah.

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