Let’s Get Our Racist History Right

Look, I hate getting into this, but after reading Walter Rhein’s article entitled, “Schools Must Teach that Thomas Jefferson Raped a Black Child” I feel compelled to offer an opposing view. That article can be found here:

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Now, everything written in that article is probably true, but it’s time to accept that as human animals (because that’s all that we are — animals) we can be conditioned from a young age to accept the most horrid actions and beliefs as perfectly natural. Think of the children of Germany that were taught to hate the Jews and turn in their own parents for protecting them. Think of the Muslims being taught that it’s okay to cut off someone’s head, to rape women and children, and marry girls that are closer to being babies than they are to being adults (and that is still going on in today’s world).

Unfortunately, we are not born with a sense of right and wrong. Nor are we intrinsically blessed with the gifts of reason and rationality. So, for the sake of this argument please do not think of our founding fathers as white people doing white people things. I ask this because it would be such an ignorant mistake to think that all other races are innocent of such atrocities. Owning slaves and raping women and children is not exclusive to the white folk. Blacks have owned slaves. Blacks have raped. And if given the opportunity, there are a lot of blacks that would enslave whites. So, please, let’s put the color of our skin away and really look at what went on when humans first brought slavery into North America.

The first slave ship arrived in North America in 1619. That was 157 years before The United States of America was formed. People married young back then, so before the U.S. was founded at least 7 generations had already been raised and conditioned to accept slavery as the norm. So, come 1776 and the formation of our country, slavery wasn’t considered right or wrong. Except for a handful of abolitionists, people put no more shame into owning a black man than to owning a cow. It’s just the way things were. And, if people living today were brought up in that environment they would have been conditioned to think no more of it either.

Did you ever stop to consider that if we hadn’t become a country of our own, if we had stayed with Britain, there would probably still be slavery on the North American continent? It is the formation of the United States that led to the end of slavery. For without the United States there would have been no civil war. With no civil war there would have been no freeing of the slaves.

Fast forward to 1865, the 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery in the United States. But this only took place because 360,000 (mostly white) northern soldiers gave their lives so that all American slaves would be free.

So, from 1776 to 1865 there were slaves in the United States. That’s just 89 years, where slavery in other parts of the world lasted for thousands of years, and in one form or another still exists today.

Why isn’t this something to be proud of? In just 250 years our country has gone from brutal savagery and ignorance to giving each individual more freedoms than is bestowed upon citizens by any other country in the world.

So, yes, slavery in the United States was definitely a bad bad thing that was given to us before we even became a country. But, shouldn’t we hold ourselves in the highest of regards for ending it? I don’t know about you, but I’m very proud of that fact.

Regardless of our founding father’s own ignorant beliefs they still somehow managed to get it right on the most important document that our way of life is now based on — the Constitution.

Where is the profit in teaching our children to hate our country? We rose from the depths of depravity to become one of the greatest nations ever to exist — teach them that!